Expressvpn Cyber Monday deals & expressvpn 3 months free

Downloading your favourite movie from torrents or streaming international content online; VPN or the Virtual Private Network is your best friend always. Once you install a trustworthy VPN in your system, it is almost impregnable for a system security server to know what you are doing with your internet and your computer. Unless you are doing very dramatic odd things, VPN serves you with the most efficient services. You can go incognito out there and download your favourite movies, no security server can locate you for a bit! This is the most important and wonderful feature of VPN.

Expressvpn Cyber Monday deals +expressvpn 3 months free

expressvpn cyber monday deals

The local ISP or the Internet Service Providers sometimes keep an eye on the users. Whatever you are surfing or doing with your internet will be known to them. They are invading your privacy and this shouldn’t be done! Here comes the importance of vpn service. Virtual private networks will make your network hidden from your ISP. So, he might see you downloading stuff. But he cannot make out what you have downloaded or which website you are surfing at that moment. If you also want to maintain your privacy and want your works to be safe and secured from people like these over enthusiastic ISPs, you need to get yourself a good VPN.

Expressvpn Cyber Monday deals & Black Friday sale 

Express VPN is an easy to use, easy to maintain, wonderful product. This is certainly one of the top most vpn services available in the world. Lots of people are out there that use this particular product and they are more than happy. This product has a huge reputation in the market. This is not the top notch product, but most of the people love this. People that have used the product once, always repeat using it. Most of the users recommend this product to their friends and family. This is the beauty of ExpressVPN and ExpressVPN black Friday deals.


When VPN is considered, you cannot trust anyone and everyone! It is important for you to choose a company that has an established office and a huge clientele that can speak for the trustworthy part of the company. Express VPN has their main office based in British Virgin Islands. But if you live in a rare part of the world, then also you can access and use their services there as well. This particular VPN company has access to more than 3000 servers globally. This company offers its services to 148 locations which are going to extend soon.


Let’s dig into the product. What is all these hype about? People are talking so much about this product and they are not stopping at anything. Even if you are a gamer and love to play games as a team; VPN is something you should invest in. you do not want your competitors to invade your live chat right? Hence a VPN is something that you should go for. Why are we asking you to choose this one? Why are we talking only about this product? Well, all your queries related to the product and all the buzz are answered here only. Go through the article and all your doubts will be cleared and all your questions will be answered.


The main reason behind choosing a product is always its features. Here are the high end and exclusive features of Express VPN.


Will Express VPN keep a log of your browsing and downloading history?

You are spending a huge amount of money and the last thing you would want the company to collect and store your personal data. Expressvpn understands the requirements of their clients. The privacy policy of this company is a bit different from other VPN services. Other companies may collect your data and do not share it with anyone. But on the other hand, express VPN will never collect and store your data. They do not log what you have done and what you are doing on their network. They do not store your IP address, they do not store the type of data you are surfing, the destination IP address of any email and browsing history of your computer, DNS queries, metadata etc.


They just collect some basic data needed for the research purposes of the company. How many files you have downloaded and how much time you have spent on the server are some of the most popular and basic data collected by ExpressVPN. All your files and folders will only be known to you. Even if for further any law related stuff the detailed log is needed, the VPN company is unable to submit that just because no data is stored to them. Even if they try to help the law, they cannot due to their privacy policy. Once you are using Express VPN, just be sure that no one is going to know about your surfing history or your downloading details.


Will there be a Kill Switch available?

Many VPN services are there that work only in online mode. If the internet is not working properly, the VPN won’t work, keeping your secret works to be revealed. The moment your VPN service stops working, your surfing history and everything will be available for the ISP and the entire world. In this way your privacy is compromised. So, when you are hiring a VPN service in exchange for a standard sum of money; you require a good return? But this is somehow not suitable for your requirements.

Here comes Express VPN for you.  Once the internet goes down or cuts down, there is a kill switch available with this VPN. the VPN will cut off all the links you were browsing and will keep the whole system on standby mode. No one is going to understand what you were looking for and what you were searching for. All your data will be lost in the process, but your privacy will be maintained which is required sometimes. Hence you can easily go for this particular product. The kill switch is available in the product only and this will keep your data and reputation safe and secured.


Will there be a split or divided tunnelling available?

Bandwidth is a great issue when it comes to using Virtual private networks.everyone is not using unlimited internet yet they need to finish their work with complete privacy and security. For those people who need a VPN service and at the same time have bandwidth issues can easily go for Expressvpn. This VPN goes for a split tunneling method. That means you can split your internet connection through two different and separate tunnels. Keeping in mind that your data will be safe and internet usage will be less.


Through Express vpn, you can stay connected through a vpn service and at the same time you can connect through a local network as well. This particular VPN works best on every type of internet connection. From wifi, home network to 2G, 3G, 4G and even the very popular 5G; this VPN is available in all formats for the esteemed clients of the company. Some of your essential traffic can get connected through the local network whereas another part of it can get connected through VPN only. In this way, you are connected to a Public and a Private network at the same time. This is the beauty and the most efficient usage of the Express VPN network.


What type of encryption is used in ExpressVPN?

Your data is in safe hands. Though the company doesn’t store or save your data personally, they need to access your data when you are using their services. Everytime they need to save your data from the hackers working out there in the world wide web. Thus having a good encryption is very important. When your data is there on the WWW, it can get hacked at any moment. But with this particular VPN, your data will be saved. In case of encryption, the original data is converted into different types of texts known as cipher. Express VPN uses the most amazing way of encoding data and keeping the data safe to them only.


The expressvpn uses the AES method or the Advanced encryption Standard. All your necessary and important data will be encrypted in 256 bits which is also an important and essential thing to know. The VPN service is going to give you an intractable personal server. You can use it to finish off your task and no one will get to see you or locate you during this. You will be given an IP address that is going to be anonymous all the time. No one will actually get to know the IP address in detail. Even if they identify the IP address, it will keep rotating throughout the time. No one will get to know about the IP address at all. The data you are accessing is going to be encrypted. Generally two types of methods are used to encrypt the data here. The processes are;


  • IPsec: IP security method is a very popular and well known encryption method. The trusted companies are always out there and at the same time lots of hackers are also there. When you are delivering a certain pack of data, you can provide security in two ways in this method. You can either encrypt the data message only which is known as a transport method. You can also encrypt the whole channel and the whole thing. It is known as the Tunneling method. You are going to secure the data you are sending to your client’s way. Hence, having this method used for your task is relevant and you can easily do it without any problem.


  • IKEv2: This is another encryption process. You are definitely going to love this for the amazing type of work it does for you. Internet key exchange version 2 is a very popular and amazingly curated VPN protocol. All your data will be saved and your connection will automatically get connected back to the VPN after you encounter a sudden internet related problem. No data of yours will get wasted here and your whole line will be secured if this protocol is used. When you are working in the public domain and you have to switch between your mobile hotspot and the wifi connection available out there, this protocol is the best thing you can go for.


Both of these protocols are extremely useful and they are highly curated for users like you. Lots of people have to use public areas for their important work. With lots and lots of internet connections across the place, it is almost impossible for a VPN service to keep you safe from the hackers. But with these high end protocols of Expressvpn, it becomes very easy and convenient for the user to go incognito even in a public domain.


Is there a free trial or you have to pay for it?


Well, if the cost is counted, the price of this VPN is a little higher than other contemporaries out there. You have to pay a certain high amount of money for sure. If you are enthusiastic and want to know what the hype is all about, you have to pay a single time $12.95. You are going to know about the product, do your research, you can use the product for a certain period of time etc. Generally people that write blogs or review products for others, choose this package. If you research a bit, you will understand that you are paying a hell lot of extra money from the other companies providing VPN solutions out there.


If you are going to subscribe for a six month trial, the price will come down to $9.99. Even with this cut down thing, you are also paying a high price. See, if you do not have important stuff to handle, if you do not handle sensitive products out there, you may not be interested in paying this high for a VPN service; aren’t you? But, the price you are paying here will be worth it when you get to know about the services provided by this particular company. They are not only talking sense, they are offering you something high end and you are definitely going to experience a wonderful service from their end.


If you are going for a yearly package, and you subscribe to the service for a year, the price will come down to $8.32 a month. Still, you will find it a little bit more expensive than the common VPN services out there. Lots of VPN companies are out there and they are offering their service for money as low as $2.50 a month! This sounds hilarious? Why would you pay a hell lot of extra money for the same task! Well, the services provided by Expressvpn are commendable. If you check the reviews out there, you will find that people are talking about the high price. But at the same time they are talking good about the product. They are reviewing some exceptional services offered by the company! So, you can bear this price for those high end exceptional services.


Now they have a certain type of discount going on across the world. They will provide you a three month free trial if you buy the pack for at least a year. So, if you are buying the pack for a year, you are actually paying for 9 months and the remaining 3 months are absolutely free for you. This is a wonderful strategy and in this way, your price will straight come down to $6.67 a month. You are saving a good amount of money in this way. It is thus always advisable that you go for a yearly subscription. You can get the best of the product and you can save a hell lot of money in this way as well.


Now when the price is concerned, the first and foremost thing we talked about is the need of the connection. If your data is sensitive and you know that it could get hacked at any point of time, sparing a mere money would be the least investment you can make to save your data. In these sensitive cases, nothing works better than the Expressvpn. This is the reason, high end corporate houses, successful and prominent individuals use this product. With the three months free trial thing, you can also bag this service even if your budget is a little lower than the usual one.


Payment methods for Expressvpn:


We are saving you from going into the limelight before the world. So, the payment methods we encourage would also be incognito in their own ways! The paypal and the credit card payment methods are available as usual. These are the very common ways of paying money online. Except for these, there are certain other online payment methods also available. The prominent payment gateways are always encouraged by us. It is therefore your choice to choose a secure payment method. Expressvpn also encourages paying money through bitcoins. This is not a very popular method of paying money even in 2020. But as per the experts, bitcoins are the future. So, Expressvpn wants their users to keep this payment method in practice. In this way the people that would trail you through the paper payment methods will not be able to locate you and your server. So, with the Bitcoin payment method, you are absolutely incognito out there. If you are handling some serious work and sensitive data, this is the perfect and particular payment option you should always go for.


There’s a discount going on. If you want to get some added discounts, you can check the app of Expressvpn on android and ios platforms. Upon downloading the app, you can use it for free for a 7 days trial. Though this facility is available only once per IP address, you can still use this for your convenience. Before we buy something for a high price, it is always important to get a physical review of the product. In this way, you can use the product for 7 days without paying money. If you are not satisfied with the product; which certainly is not going to happen; you can stop using it. It comes with a whopping 30 days money back guarantee. The company understands your concern. So, they always offer you some high end services from their side. This money back guarantee is a part of those high end features. Before you sign up for this money back thing, it is always advised that you go through the terms and conditions page of the product. There are certain rules available that you need to know before investing your money and time on anything out on the internet.


The cancellation is very much easy and without any problem in this case. You need to contact the team of Expressvpn over the internet or email. Just express that you do not want to continue with the services. The team will not investigate the amount of services you have used or the data you have downloaded using their platform. If you are submitting the request before the 30 days trial period ends, you are going to get your money back. This is how the ExpressVPN people work. They have a certain way of handling their clients and that makes them different from other service providers out there.


Frequently asked questions about ExpressVPN:


  • Will it kill the internet speed?

No! It won’t. The tunneling method will make sure that your internet speed remains the same.


  • NORD vpn or EXPRESS vpn; which one to choose?

Nord is pretty popular right? It offers great value and good for your pocket. But when it comes to features, nothing can beat Expressvpn. Even Nord cannot provide so many features like Expressvpn!


  • Can I get the service for free?

With the app installed, you can get a 7 day free trial and a 30 days money back guarantee.


  • Can I watch Netflix on this server?

Yes you can! You can access the OTT platform through the VPN services provided by Expressvpn.




We  have checked all the aspects that you need to know about ExpressVPN. We loved most of the features and we disliked only a few. The product is undoubtedly popular among high end users. It’s popularity and good reviews show how wonderfully the product is prepared. After you go through the whole article, we are sure that you are out of your dilemma now. Now you know whether you are going to get the product purchased or not. Check your requirements first. If you think that investing into this product will help you in your work, then you should definitely go for this particular high end product.