Are you aware that 1.2% of the total US population are Indians, that equals to around 4 million people? Yes, that’s true. According to a recent survey, Indians are the third-highest Asian community living in the United States of America. This percentage of Indian Americans increases with each year passing. But, why are we talking about the population of Indians in the US? With these numbers, we are trying to show that there are a lot of fans of Indian shows residing outside India, especially in the USA. Indians are too crazy about television shows and even they idolize several actors and actresses in their life.

So, if an Indian decides to stay in the USA for some reason, they wonder about how to watch their favorite series, serials, reality shows, dramas, and much more. As we all know, Indian TV channels restrict their coverage within India only, so by the general method, no NRI will be able to watch any Indian Channel. But, several other genuine methods can be opted to avoid these issues faced by Indian residents in the USA. So, let’s discuss the working methods to watch Indian TV channels and shows in the United States of America.



Are you crazy to watch Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasma or don’t want to miss any episode of Dance Plus, the greatest dance reality show in India, in the USA for free? There are a lot of channels and shows that are streamed for free in India but these shows are charged when they are tried to be watched in the USA. The reason is simple for these charges, the geo-restriction. Geo-restriction of the content is an agreement signed by the content distributors and owners to limit their broadcasting region. But this geo-restriction can be avoided by using virtual network services i.e. VPN.



VPN is a very famous method to enjoy restricted channels in any country. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which helps the user by changing the current location IP address with the IP address of the country where the channel is available for free or not restricted. India has a strong tracking system to track the location of the user, but the VPN is smart enough to fool the tracking system and allow the user to access the restricted channels.

Further, the VPN also gives the advantage to hide a user’s online activity. VPN is useful to the users in many ways and it is also very simple to use.

How To Use a VPN?

VPN can be used by following a few easy steps.

  • First, download any good VPN service provider app and subscribe to it. You can also opt for a free VPN service provider, but the disadvantage with the free VPN is you won’t get the country of your choice and they don’t provide safety to your data too.
  • Now open the VPN app and sign up, if you are new or sign in if you have previously registered in the app.
  • Then find and connect to the Indian server to get access to all Indian Channels, even in the USA.
  • Now, simply open any channel or streaming app and watch your favorite shows without any restrictions.


VPN is the best and easiest way to start watching the restricted channels in the United States. But, besides VPN there are several other methods too, through which we can get access to watch our favorite stars on our favorite TV channels.


Here, we have listed some of the streaming apps and methods that can be used to watch different Indian shows in the USA.


  1. Hotstar

Hotstar is one of India’s biggest streaming platform that has thousands of hours of shows and dramas in almost 17 languages. Its extensive library comprises dramas and shows mostly of Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujrati, and Bengali languages. Along with all these pre-recorded shows, it has almost 100 live channels that can be accessed after paying their subscription fees. If you are a fan of sports, especially cricket, then this platform covers live-action of almost every match. Nowadays movies are released on Hotstar too, so if you have subscribed to hotstar then you can watch the newly released movie without visiting the theatre. You can also download movies and series to watch later offline.

This platform is available for citizens in the United States. They just need to purchase the subscription and they will be able to watch their favorite shows instantly.


  1. Sling TV

Are you looking for live Indian channels in the USA? Then this TV app is a great solution to your demand. This is a very popular app and is highly recommended for enjoying live TV channels. It is similar to several DTH connections as its price ranges from $6-$45 for different packages. This app does not require any longer-term contract as this can be subscribed to every month. You don’t need to worry about the device you will use to watch as this app can be installed and used in XBOX, Roku, Smart TVs, Desktops, iPhone, and other phones for the convenience of its users.

This app will give access to all the shows in HD quality and this has features to pause live shows. If you have skipped your favorite show for a week, then you can binge-watch those episodes of the last seven days on this app.

If you have developed an interest in the US shows, then you can also subscribe to the US cable too. Besides that, subscribe individually to any particular channel like the cricket channel for a few dollars.

So, before subscribing to this app, you can also check the features in the 7-day trial provided by the app.


  1. Yupp TV

Are you a fan of South Asian TV content? This TV app has a bucket full of contents to fulfill your need in the USA. Yupp TV is one of the biggest internet-based TV and on-demand service provider for several South Asian content. It has a long list of about 250+ live channels, 5000+ movies, and 100+ TV shows. It has contents of about 14 different languages for peoples of different regions. Alongside these contents, it has almost 25000 hours of on-demand content for having a virtual home amusement anytime. You can enjoy watching content with multiple screens like connected TV, set STBs, good Blu-ray Player, PCs, good Phones, and Tablets.

This TV app is the number one platform with a net pay-TV feature for South Asian citizens living abroad. It is a very highly downloaded platform with over 13 million downloads and has been rated 4.0 out of 5 by its users.


  1. Amazon Prime Video

How familiar are you with Amazon Prime? Almost everyone on this planet has some kind of idea over this beautiful streaming platform named Amazon Prime video. This platform is a part of Amazon Prime membership that gives access to several premium TV shows and movies to watch for free. But, to get all the contents for free, you need to get a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. Amazon offers prime subscriptions both monthly as well as annually, but before starting that individuals in the US can enjoy a 30 days trial period to check the quality of the content. You will get the contents like movies, series shows of different languages and is more likely favorable to the Indian audience residing in the USA. Besides these, you can add subscription services like HBO, Showtime, STARZ, and more.

Buying an Amazon Prime subscription gives you additional features to enjoy like ad-free music, free two-day shipping facility on Amazon products, and multiple device accessibility. Spending on this platform is a great idea to watch Indian shows online no matter where you are.



Ready for Netflix and chill in the United States? Yes, you heard that right, you can access Netflix even in the United States of America. This is an amazing streaming platform loved by individuals of all age groups. Netflix is a streaming platform that has several shows for Indian fans, that can be only watched on Netflix. To have the access to Netflix, an individual needs to get a subscription, either for a month or a year depending upon the comfortability. But, if you wanna check the content beforehand, they have the 30 days trial period to offer their new users.

So what’s there for the Indian viewers on Netflix? Netflix has several thousand hours of streaming content available on it. Starting from TV shows to documentaries, Netflix has ruled the streaming world for the last few years. With one Netflix account, multiple people can watch their favorite shows with good internet connectivity. No matter, what your location is, you will be able to binge-watch your favorite series without adjusting on Netflix.



EROS NOW is a highly famous OTT platform that allows Indian citizens to watch their favorite shows in any part of the world. You will be amazed to know that this OTT platform has over 100 million registered users out of which there are 7.9 million paying subscribers currently. It is one of the best streaming platforms available with the biggest catalog of movies, TV shows, music, and series. These shows are available in almost all Indian regional languages, especially Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, and Bengali. Watch all the Bollywood, regional language movies, eros now originals, TV shows, music in HD quality on any device including Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, iOS, and Android mobile devices. This OTT platform also offers features like downloads and creating playlists for offline streaming too. Besides all these features, get extra access to the news channels and other exclusive content of favorite TV stars.


  1. Dish TV

You have heard of Dish TV as a DTH service provider, but do you know that Dish TV has its app that can be accessed and streamed by subscribing to its monthly plan. The app is almost similar to that of the DTH, but it can be used to watch favorite Indian channels online. Another feature that works very fine with this app is watching older episodes. Along with that like in DTH recharge, separate channels can be added to it too like sports, fashion, or comedy. Moreover, this app not only runs well in India but also has helped Indians in the USA to watch their favorite shows online. If this app does not work in the USA, then use a VPN service to get access to this app. But one important thing to remember, to have access to this app, you need to have a physical Dish TV connection at your home in India.


  1. Sun TV

We all are very well known with the Sun TV network. This network has been very much crucial in removing the geographical barrier of channels for the people living in the USA. Sun TV network covers a long list of 32 channels in four different Indian languages along with forty-eight FM radio stations. This network has gained the trust of over 95 million people residing in India. But this network also gives access to the people living outside India in countries like the USA, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Moreover, these 32 channels include all the major channels including news, entertainment, sports, etc at a very minimum cost. So, no matter wherever you live now, the Sun TV network will always be there to help you watch your favorite Indian show on your favorite channel.



The website itself has India in its name. This channel is ready to help Indians in the United States to watch any of their favorite shows on Indian TV channels. This website has over 40+ channels in about 7 different languages including Hindi and regional languages. These 40 channels include channels for all age groups like cartoon network for kids to news and serial or movie channels for adults. You can watch TV online on this website or connection by subscribing to their plans that usually cost very less compared to other sources. Moreover, with this connection, you can watch Indian channels on a set-top box, Android devices, iOS devices, Chromecast, Kodi, etc. So, getting an MYINDIATV connection is never a bad idea, if you are living in the US and are unable to watch your favorite Indian show.


  1. YouTube

If you are okay with watching different Indian shows with a delay then you can opt for YouTube as your streaming companion. YouTube has almost everything to watch including your favorite TV channels uploading their shows with one or two days delay. If you want to watch the Indian news channel, then don’t worry, there are a few Indian news channels that also stream live on YouTube like AajTak. YouTube is a great platform to watch as per your choice at a better video quality up to 1080 pixel. If you want to get a regular update on uploads you can subscribe to different TV channels for free of cost and press the bell icon to get notified at the earliest.


These sources to watch Indian shows and channels are great but require the cost of your Starbucks coffee to get started for a month. But, if you just want to get updated with the Indian news, then there are a few Indian channels that do not have any geo-restriction agreement like NDTV 24×7, CNN, IBN, Aaj Tak, etc. These channels stream their contents for free in the United States. So, if you are just looking for these channels, then don’t worry, they are readily available for you.


Is There Any Way To Watch TV shows Offline?

Yes, there are ways to watch different shows offline, without keeping the mobile data on. If you have subscribed to different OTT apps then they have an option to download their content but that can only be watched in their apps or websites like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. But besides OTT, you can download different Indian TV shows like Big Boss, Dance Plus, MasterChef India, different serials from several downloading websites like downloadhub. You can also opt for the torrent to download movies and shows too. But, these shows for downloading will only be available after a few hours after they are streamed live on Indian channels.



Whether you stay in India or the USA, the above mentioned will work fine in both the places. So, there is nothing much to worry about missing your favorite show, if you have planned to visit the USA. All the above-mentioned methods are genuine with no illegal way of watching shows. Follow any of the following methods depending upon your requirements of shows and enjoy even in the USA.

So, are you still worried? Or ready to take action now? Go and subscribe to any of the sources and shower love to your beloved show or actors.

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