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If you have been using the internet for your work, pleasure, or anything in between, the privacy and security are of the utmost importance. A powerful and capable VPN service proves to be an effective tool in safeguarding your privacy and taking care of your needs in an enhanced experience ever. In our reviews on the popular VPN services, we will today check out the best features offered by the VPN services and conduct an in-depth examination of the service in a finer detail.

IPVanish cyber Monday sale VPN – An Overview

IPVanish was founded in Orlando in Florida and has been around since 2012. A Highwinds Network Group, the service claims itself to be the fastest VPN service ever. They also claim to be the more secure connectivity and an affordable pricing ever.

Based in the US, the VPN service is subject to 5 Eyes jurisdiction. The 5 Eyes Alliance comprising of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the U.S, can share the personal data between them. Before you can opt for IPVanish, it would be worthwhile to understand this aspect as it can be a security breach for some of you.

Security and protocols

IPVanish makes use of AES 256 encryption for the data shared through it. Given the fact that this is the highest security option ever, you would find it one of the impressive options ever. You can even have access to several VPN protocols, and you can pick the one that best meets your needs.

IPVanish makes use of OpenVPN, IKEv2, IPSec, and L2TP, to name a few. Out of them, OpenVPN should be one of the most popular and reliable options for most of your security reasons. It can work with a wide range of platforms that include Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, routers, and other devices. You can expect it to bypass a host of firewalls and can be configured to meet almost all your needs.

Connection speeds and speed tests

Before we can share the details on the connection speeds, you can simply understand that the speeds are bound to go down as the VPN has to encrypt your data. However, a huge drop can be a cause for concern.

Our tests revealed that the speeds were quite comfortable, and there was no huge reduction in speed observed. We observed the reduction speeds of up to 45 to 50 percent on Windows. However, on mac, the speed reduction was considerably lesser. That would mean, if you are a Windows user, IPVanish may not be the right choice for you.

Number of servers

One of the strengths of the IPVanish VPN service lies in the fact that it comes with a  massive network of servers. You would find the network spanning almost all the locations around the world. You can get access to over 1500 servers spread over 75 countries. You can have access to more than 40000 IP addresses that can be helpful in providing you access to an enhanced service quality.

If you look at the server locations and its numbers, you will find that it matches with ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

You would find the following number of servers on IPVanish –

  • North America: 822
  • Europe: 434
  • Asia: 66
  • Oceania: 83
  • South America: 32
  • Africa: 12

Does IPVanish Keep logs?

IPVanish is a zero logs VPN service provider. The service will not keep any of the records of your connection data and browsing activity. The privacy policy of the VPN service clearly states that it does not keep any record of the activities of the users.

The borrow the words from the privacy policy, IPVanish clearly indicates that “IPVanish does not collect, monitor, or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network service on any platform.” The privacy policy of the service indicates that the logging policy of IPVanish is quite private and confidential. The only details that the service would collect would be your email address and payment method to process your payment information.

There will not be any sort of logging of user traffic or usage details. It will also not sell or rent the user information.

Having said that, it may be noticed that IP Vanish is governed by 5 Eyes jurisdiction. That would mean the 5 Eyes Alliance reserves the right to track, inspect, and check the details of the user and their activity if they need to.

Does IPVanish work with streaming services?

One of the excellent options we would want to want to find with a VPN service is its ability to unblock the streaming services and their geo-blocking. The service can unblock the Netflix US on most of the servers. The service was witnessed to work with almost all the servers.

Netflix apart, you can also use IPVanish to unblock the other streaming services such as Vudu, ESPN, DAZN, and HBO Go. A few of the servers that we found working effectively included Fox news, Hotstar, and Sling TV. However, services such as BBC iPlayer and ABC.com.

The service could not bypass all the VPN blocks. If you are looking for an enhanced service quality with respect to the geoblocked streaming service, you may need to check out the other alternatives.

Is IPVanish good for Torrenting?

If you are into torrenting, you will definitely find IPVanish one of the excellent options. If you are checking out your best options for the best torrenting faster and quicker, you will find that IPVanish should be one of the prime options ever.

While it is incredibly faster, you would also find that the service is one of the prime choices for operating over 40000 individual IP addresses. This can be efficient enough in high bandwidth activities such as torrenting.

The P2P compatibility on almost all servers on the VPN service can be one of the strongest factors in favour of IPVanish. Coupled with it, you would find the strict zero logs policy should further make it one of the excellent options ever for almost all your torrenting requirements. The lack of no IP or DNS leak has been one of the reasons you would find impressive.

Of course, you will not find anything on the official site about torrenting, and that may have a reason. But, in actual practice, the service does work efficiently.

How about IPVanish Customer service?

IPVanish advertises a 24 x 7 x 365 support. But, in effect, you would indeed find that the claim is quite unreliable. To begin with, you do not have a live chat support. We simply do not understand how one can provide a 24 x 7 service without a Live Chat option.

While the service does have a ticketing options available, you will not find that there are faster responses available. We did not even find a phone support either, which can be yet another added disadvantage.

The website does provide you access to a few good options from the concept of the knowledge base. The searchable knowledge base and FAQs on the official site can be one of the difficult tasks to handle.

Apps and Extensions

The IPVanish provides you access to a good number of options with respect to the accessible features. The ability to change the servers and the user interface are one of the best options, and we found it quite reliable in offering you an exceptional degree of service quality. You also have advanced privacy settings that further improve your experience.

The Windows and Mac clients, along with the apps on Android and iOS, have been found to be much impressive. The availability of a detailed setup guide should be one of the perfect options that can prove to be handy enough. The optional tutorial is one of the added advantages.

The Windows client is easy to install and simple to use. You would find an unusually complete set of detail. You would also find a great deal of real-time graphs for your needs. The macOS client also provides you an easy to use interface. The interface is a little difficult to handle when compared to the Windows client. Access to the Kill Switch is what would further make it one of the prominent options. You can switch between OpenVPN UDP or TCP connections.

The Android app is quite impressive when compared to the other Android apps from the competing clients. Even the UI is quite great looking and intuitive at its best. The app does display a huge lot of information and can let you configure your connection as per your preferences.

The iOS app I a little different from the Android app but relatively easy to use. You can switch between the protocols – IKEv2 and IPSEC.

You do not have access to any browser extensions. IPVanish does not support browser extensions on any of the browsers that include Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers.

How much does IPVanish Cost?

IPVanish is certainly not the cheapest VPN service as of now. However, given the fact that it has access to an enhanced experience with apps and features to offer, you would find the price one of the excellent options ever. The pricing is compatible with almost all the other competing services.

The pricing offered by IPVanish would include

  • Monthly Package – The monthly pricing of the package reads $5.00 per month. You will be charged at $5.00 for the first month. It is a clever marketing strategy. You would want to go with the monthly package only if you are checking out the VPN. If you have decided to use it for the long term, we would recommend choosing long term options for better savings
  • Quarterly package – The quarterly package costs you $ 4.50 a month. You will be charged at $ 13.50 for the period of three months. That would be a saving of up to 63 percent.
  • Annual package – The annual plan will cost you $ 3.25 a month. You will be charged at $ 39 for a period of a year. You will have a savings of 73 percent.

A few Pros and Cons


  • Faster speeds on most of the servers, especially on same country speeds.
  • Can be a good option for Firestick and Kodi
  • Zero logs policy and no IP address or DNS leakage
  • Ten simultaneous connections
  • Best for anonymous torrenting.


  • May not work with all streaming services
  • Will not work in China
  • No browser extensions.

A few FAQs

Is IPVanish fast?

IPVanish does work with over 1500 servers in over 75 countries. In terms of speed tests, you will find it offering a good speed across multiple servers if you are on macOS. The same may not be said about the Windows servers, though. You will find a decent performance on Windows

Does IPVanish work with Netflix?

If you are looking for a consistent performance with Netflix, you may not expect a good performance on IPVanish. Of course, it will work on most of the servers. But, there may be a few cases where you would find it not working in an effective manner.

Who owns IPVanish?

IPVanish is owned and operated by Mudhook Media Inc. Founded in 2012; it is one of the subsidiaries of Highwinds Network Group in Orlando, Florida. Launched with just around 32 servers back in 2012, the service has become one of the excellent options in the VPN services.

Is IPVanish good for Firestick?

IPVanish has been rated to be one of the best VPN services ever for Firestick. In fact, they have an app specifically designed to work with Firestick, and that should ideally make it one of the prime options to work with your Firestick services.

The Concluding Thoughts

IPVanish does provide you access to several advantages that include access to 10 simultaneous connections and a huge network of servers. Except for a lackluster customer support mechanism, the service does provide you access to an enhanced set of options for most of your requirements. In case you are checking out the perfect options for your needs in a VPN with perfect torrenting and security service, you would find IPVanish a great service by almost every count.

We would treat it to be a comprehensive VPN service and should be something you would value. Check out the service quality once, and we are sure you would be able to take the right call.


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